Will SEO Exist In 5 Years?


Yes, SEO will exist in 5 years. Like everything search engine optimization will evolve. But still, lots of niches will be dependable on SEO. For example, we can order a pizza by calling or using the app but still do some research on google and websites before buying anything with a big price tag.

Will it be the same as today? Of course not. The field is always changing. Search engine optimization will eventually evolve into Voice search optimization, Visual search, structured data, AI and ML.

So as long there will be a technology, which is based on analysis of information, there will be someone who will optimize the performance.

Another great answer to this question is that: Content is made of words. A combination of words gives a context. The context can meet the user’s intention or not. If you think of organic SEO as a tool to help the context meet the user’s intention in the most efficient way, then there is no possibility for it to die.

Search Engine Expert Ako Stark said: “I think Google will end up being the digital agency. They have all of our customer records. With their testing of paid services for GMB, it makes you really think”.

What is your answer? What do you think?

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